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Disney Plus Singapore: Is it Worth it?

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In December last year, the Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) announced that it will be launching its Disney+ streaming service in Singapore, starting today (23 Feb 2021).

Source: Disney

Starting from a subscription price of just S$11.98 a month or S$119.98 a year (~S$10 a month), you will be able to stream over 650 movies and 15,000 episodes of content from Disney’s vast content library as well as its new exclusive Disney originals. Plus, you can even get it for ‘free’ with some StarHub promotions.

Disney+ Subscribers will be able to catch content from these content brands owned by the company, which include:

  • Disney
  • Pixar
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars
  • National Geographic.
  • Star

Also included in the subscription is content from Star, Disney’s international answer to Hulu.

Star which is catered to older teens and adults, will carry a number of titles from the company’s other non-main franchise brands like FX and 20th Century.

This means you will be able to stream hit TV series like Atlanta, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and movies like Deadpool and Logan.


Here is all you need to know about the launch of Disney+ in Singapore!

TL;DR: All You Need to Know About Disney Plus Singapore

Basic InformationDetails
Launch Date
From 23 February 2021
Content BrandsDisney
Star Wars
National Geographic
TitlesFrozen 2
The Mandalorian
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted
And More...
Direct From Disney PriceS$11.98 a month
S$119.98 a year (~S$10 a month)
Direct From Starhub Price (Via Starhub App With Minimum 6 Months Commitment)S$11.98 a month (two months free)
Starhub TV+ Customers With 2 TV+ Passes Promo: Free 24 Months of Disney+ (Worth ~S$240)Total Cost: $720
($30 a month with 24-month contract for 2 TV+ Passes)
Starhub $95 and $155 Mobile+ Customers Promo: Free 12 Months of Disney+ (Worth ~S$120)Total Cost: S$2280
($95 a month with 24-month contract)

Total Cost: S$2760
($155 a month with a 24-month contract)
Starhub 1/2Gbps Fibre Broadband Promo: Free 12 Months of Disney+ (Worth ~S$120)1Gbps Total Cost: S$1101.60
($45.90/month with 24-month contract)

2Gbps Total Cost: S$1446.70
[$62.90/month with 24-month contract)

What Is Disney Plus?

Disney+ (pronounced Disney Plus) is an up and coming video streaming service, owned by gigantic media conglomerate the Walt Disney Company.

And as you’ve guessed it, Disney+ will be competing with other video streaming services such as Apple TV+ Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO Go. 

Source: The Walt Disney Company

Each subscription will allow you to stream Disney+ concurrently on four different devices.

You will also get to enjoy unlimited content downloads on up to 10 devices and create up to seven different user profiles; each with their own personalised recommendations.

Parental Controls Disney Plus

Parents take note.

There will be parental controls on Disney+ that allow you to set up kids profiles that allow only age-appropriate content and positive opt-ins.

There’s even a GroupWatch feature (thing Netflix watch party), that will let you watch Disney+ show with your friends and family together online. 

Disney Plus Singapore Launch?

As mentioned above, Disney+ will be launching in Singapore from today (23 Feb 2021).

Disney Plus Singapore Price

To entice Singapore users onboard, Disney will charge just S$11.98 a month for the Disney+ streaming service in Singapore.

In addition, the company is offering subscribers who commit longer to a discount, as it costs just S$119.98 for a year-long subscription to Disney+ (~S$10 a month).

This is still a bit more expensive than Disney+’s US subscription fee of US$7(S$9.34) per month, or US$70 (S$93.44) a year if you have been using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to subscribe to Disney+ in the US.

However, VPN users take note:

The Walt Disney Company told The Straits Times that in line with the Disney+ subscriber agreement, it does not allow users to access Disney+ using a virtual private network – to bypass geographical restrictions – in a territory where the service is not yet live.

There are ways around it but since Disney+ is officially coming to Singapore, you might want to reconsider and not take the risk.

What Will Disney Plus Offer To Consumers in Singapore?

It goes without saying that a streaming service is nothing without its content.

Disney is going to be offering subscribers content from these six content brands:

  • Disney
  • Pixar
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars
  • National Geographic.
  • Star

Since Disney has acquired so many different companies and production houses, here’s a preview of what to expect from the streaming service.

Disney Movies

Subscribers will be able to catch some of Disney’s animated classics, and fan favourites, like The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast as well as their live-action remakes.

This includes the recently released Lady And The Tramp live-action remake too.

Source: IMDB

You will also be able to catch some of Disney’s more current animated hits like Big Hero 6, Frozen 2 and more.

In an interview with Variety, Disney producer Osnat Shurer confirmed that Raya And The Last Dragon a movie with strong Asian cultural undertones will be released on Disney+ on 5 Mar 2021 – the same day that the movie is released in local theatres.

Disney Pixar Movies

Not forgetting the animated classics from Pixar that we grew up with.

This includes the likes of The Incredibles series, Finding Nemo, the Toy Story franchise, Monsters Inc. and modern offerings like Inside Out and Coco.

Source: IMDB

Marvel Studios Movies

And of course, our favourite superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that are slowly making their way from the cinemas to TV.

Subscribers will be able to watch Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and the Disney+ original WandaVison TV series that is currently airing.

Source: IMDB

Not forgetting the upcoming Marvel TV shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (19 Mar 2021 release), Loki and more.

Star Wars

Fans of Star Wars rejoice as you will be able to catch all two seasons of the Disney+ original The Mandalorian.

Source: Disney+

Not to mention all nine Star Wars movies including:

  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I)
  • Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV)
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII)
  • and more. 

You will also get to enjoy The Mandalorian spin-off series The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+ when it is released in December 2021.

National Geographic

Fans of National Geographic. you are not forgotten. Your documentaries will be included too. 

On top of documentaries, you get National Geographic branded shows like The Right Stuff: a historical drama about the United States’ space program and Gordon Ramsay Uncharted: a television series that follows the foul-mouthed chef across exotic locales like Laos, Peru, Guyana and more.


Disney also has something for a more mature audience.

If you subscribe to Disney+, you will get access to Star which has movies and TV shows from studios like Touchstone, FX, 20th Century Studios and 20th Television.

On Star, you will be able to stream movies like the Deadpool franchise, Logan as well as hit TV series like Atlanta, Gray’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and more.

Source: Amazon

But parents fret not! You can password protect titles with mature age ratings on Disney+ to prevent your children from watching content that is not suitable for them.

Other Things To Note

Source: The Walt Disney Company

If you still remember High School Musical (who doesn’t!) they will be on Disney+ too, together with other beloved Disney Channel series.

Programs from FOX, like The Simpsons will also be on Disney+ as well.

If you would like to know what other titles are on Disney+, CNET has a list of titles that Disney has confirmed.

Are Disney Movies on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Disney is slowly removing its content library from other streaming services Netflix.

But for now, you still can catch movies like The Muppets (2011), The Princess and the Frog (2009), Chicken Little etc. on Netflix.

In fact, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as the more perceptive binge-watchers and investors will have noted that Disney has been holding back their releases on platforms like Netflix.

They have also cancelled Netflix Original TV series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Disney Plus vs Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix vs Apple TV+ vs HBO Go Price Singapore

In terms of price, Disney+ is middle of the road in terms of competitiveness.

 Disney+Amazon Prime Video CostApple TV+Netflix SinagporeHBO GO
Monthly Subscription Fee (SGD)$11.98$2.99 (promo rate)
$6.98Netflix Basic: $11.98
Netflix Standard: $15.98
Netflix Premium: $19.98
Yearly Subsciption Fee (SGD)$119.98 (~$10 monthly)

Disney+ loses out to Amazon and Apple’s streaming services as both companies are still heavily subsidising their streaming services in a bid to gain more market share.

Not to mention Amazon’s Prime video subscription gives you access to Amazon’s Prime service as well.

But compared to HBO GO and Netflix, Disney+ is still quite competitive as it is priced the same as Netflix’s streaming service and is slightly cheaper than HBO GO.

For a more thorough comparison, you might want to check out our piece comparing some of the best streaming services in Singapore.

How to Subscribe to Disney Plus Singapore

Disney+ will be released in Singapore starting today (23 Feb 2021).

You can choose to subscribe directly for Disney+ in Singapore over on their website.

Alternatively, StarHub is offering some promotions.

StarHub Disney Plus

StarHub is the official distributor of Disney+ in Singapore, with its mobile, TV and broadband offerings, having signed an exclusive agreement with The Walt Disney Company.

Existing and new StarHub customers who subscribe to any of these plans will get to enjoy these Disney+ promotional offers for ‘free’:

Service (New or Existing Customers)Service CostFree Disney+ SubscriptionTotal Cost
TV+ Customers With 2 TV+ Passes*S$720
($30 a month with 24 month contract for 2 TV+ Passes)
24 months (Worth ~S$240)S$480
S$95 Mobile+ Plan Customer*S$228012 Months (Worth ~S$120)S$2160
S$155 Mobile+ Plan Customer*S$2760S$2640
1Gbps Fibre Broadband Customers*S$1101.60
($45.90/month with 24-month contract)
2Gbps Fibre Broadband Customers*S$1446.70
[$62.90/month with 24-month contract (first month free)]

*Do note that for all the Starhub Disney+ promos, your Disney+ access with StarHub will be terminated after you terminate your TV+, Fibre Broadband or Mobile+ subscriptions with Starhub.

But, you may still subscribe to Disney+ directly to continue enjoying the service.

Unfortunately, your Disney+ access with StarHub will be terminated as well. You may subscribe to Disney+ directly to continue enjoying the service.

Closing Thoughts

“For decades, the Disney Group has been entertaining the world with long-lasting valuable content. Disney+ platform is being built on that foundation, one that no other content or technology company can rival.” (Ahem, Netflix?)  — Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO

It appears that the streaming wars are well and truly starting in Singapore.

Sadly, it seems like Cable TV all over again.

What Are Your Thoughts on Disney as a Company?

Do share them with the community on Seedly!

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