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Must-Buy Items in JB_ Get Them At ≥ 20% Cheaper

Must-Buy Items in JB: Get Them At ≥ 20% Cheaper

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the currency exchange rates, you’ll know that the current exchange rate stands at an enticing 1 SGD to 3.5 RM 👀

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With such favorable conversion rates, it’s high time you considered taking a trip to Johor Bahru (JB) for the weekend.

While petrol may be a compelling factor for some, we’ll skip that for now, as not everyone drives into JB.

Instead, let’s focus on the list of items that are at least 20 percent cheaper in JB, making it an ideal destination for savvy shoppers and budget-conscious travelers alike. Let’s go!

TL;DR: Must-buy and Must-try Items And Food in JB

I’m listing everything from household essentials to famous restaurants you can find in Singapore.

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This article is non-exhaustive and intended for informational purposes only. It does not intend to suggest that any country’s products or items are superior to those of any other country. It is not meant to provide personalised shopping advice or recommendations. The content presented herein is for general knowledge and awareness, and any references to specific products or brands are purely illustrative and not indicative of their quality or desirability in relation to products from other regions. Readers are encouraged to exercise their independent judgment and conduct their own research before making any purchasing decisions. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of any specific country or its products. Sources are based on personal experiences, online threads and Reddit.com.

Getting Houseware From JB

Are you looking to spruce up your living space with new housewares, but concerned about the expenses?

Well, the good news is that just across the border in JB, you can find an array of household items at significantly lower prices compared to what you’d pay in Singapore.

And we know that Daiso is no longer S$2 for all items. So whether you’re in need of kitchen appliances, furniture, or decorative items, JB is a treasure trove of affordable options that can help you transform your home without emptying your wallet.

Shop Prices
Eco Shop RM2.20 (S$0.70) per item
Ninso RM2.10 (S$0.67) per item

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Household And Personal Care Items to Get in JB

Contact Lenses and Glasses

Before I’ve got refractive eye surgery done, I used to get my glasses and contact lenses from JB, primarily due to the substantial cost difference.

To put it in perspective, consider a pair of Bausch & Lomb soft lenses found at an optical shop just outside the KSL Tesco. In JB, you’d pay approximately RM50 per box, while in Singapore, the same box can set you back anywhere between $38 to $40.

But it’s not just contact lenses where the savings are substantial. When it comes to eyeglasses, the cost differential is equally striking. In Singapore, a pair of glasses can easily set you back anywhere from S$100 to S$200. In JB, on the other hand, you can effortlessly find a pair for as low as S$60 to S$80 (after currency conversion), especially at eyewear shops situated outside shopping malls.

Drugstore Cosmetics

Item Price in Malaysia Price in Singapore

PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint

RM49 (~S$14) S$15.90

BIORE Make Up Remover Wipes x 44’s

RM22.95 (~S$6.60) S$15.75

ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eyebrow

RM19 (~S$5.40) S$7.90

Drugstore Medicines

While it’s important to clarify that I’m not endorsing this practice, it’s worth noting that for individuals dealing with specific ailments, certain medications in Singapore require a prescription.

However, in JB, there are instances where you might be able to obtain these medications over-the-counter by consulting with an on-duty pharmacist.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to exercise caution in such cases because there are valid reasons for the prescription requirement. Without certainty that the components of the medication in JB are 100 percent identical to those prescribed in Singapore, self-medication can be risky.

So besides that, there are other off-the-shelf medications in JB that undeniably come at a lower cost compared to their Singaporean counterparts:

Item Price in Malaysia Price in Singapore
Betadine Cold Defence Nasal Spray Adult 20ml RM36.50 (~S$10.40) S$21.85
Avamys Nasal Spray 27.5mg RM61.90 (~S$17.70) S$26.68
Panadol Actifast Caplet 500mg 2×10 tablets RM13.80 (S$4.00) S$10.95
Yu Yee Oil 48ml RM22.60 (S$6.50) S$10.59

Condoms & Sanitary Products

Item Price in Malaysia Price in Singapore

DUREX Invisible Extra Lubricated Condom 10’s

RM61.51 (S$17.60) S$32.70

LAURIER Super Slimguard 30cm 2X16’S

RM28.30 (S$8.10) S$12.05

KOTEX Overnight Panties

RM5.95 (S$1.70) S$2.50

SOFY Hadaomoi Day Ultra Slim Wing 26cm 17’s

RM13.11 (S$3.70) S$6.50

OB O.B. Pro Comfort Super Tampon 32s

RM30.80 (S$8.80) S$12.60


Item Price in Malaysia Price in Singapore

COLGATE Total Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste 150g

RM15.49 (S$4.40) S$6.55
DARLIE Double Action Multicare 180g RM10.14 (S$2.90) S$5.30

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Seasonal Essentials to Get in JB

On festive occasions like Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, you’ll find that food prices in JB are notably more budget-friendly.

For a case in point, let’s take a look at Bak Kwa. If you happened to read our article on this delectable treat, you’d be aware that in Singapore, the average cost of 500 grams of Bak Kwa typically ranges from S$28 to S$35.

This price difference makes indulging in JB’s Bak Kwa an exceptionally cost-effective and enjoyable choice.

Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa Shops in Malaysia Price

Wing Heong’s BBQ Sliced Pork Dried Meat Bakkwa 500g

RM75 (S$21.40)

Loong Kee’s BBQ Sliced Pork Dried Meat Bakkwa 450g RM80 (S$22.90)
Olaiya BBQ Sliced Pork Dried Meat Bakkwa 500g RM65 (S$18.60)


Most people would know that mooncakes in Singapore aren’t exactly cheap as one box of four mooncakes can easily set you back at $80 (and that’s S$20/piece)!

So, what about those in JB?

I love breaking it to you that they can cost less than S$10 per piece!

Hop over to popular malls such as KSL, City Square, and Mid Valley Southkey for their mooncake atrium sales and you should be able to snag really good deals.

Wedding Cakes & Pastries

While it might not be common knowledge, the fact remains that it makes economical sense to get wedding pastries from JB.

In keeping with Chinese traditions, the bride’s parents customarily present wedding cakes and pastries as part of the wedding invitation. If you are open to making the trip to JB to handpick these delectable treats and collect them just prior to your traditional dowry exchange, this option should be a strong contender in your wedding planning.

With prices easily dipping at least 20 percent below what you’d pay for in Singapore, the savings are substantial!

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Food in JB That Are Cheaper Than in Singapore

Mind you, the beloved Hai Di Lao is significantly more budget-friendly just a stone’s throw away in JB.

This is something tried-and-tested by polytechnic students who shared with me.

For example, in Singapore, the price of soup bases can range from $6 SGD to $34 SGD, depending on the flavor and whether you opt for a quarter, half, or full portion.

But in JB, soups are priced between RM 10 and RM 46, equivalent to approximately S$3 to S$14! These remarkably affordable options allow you to relish your hotpot experience without breaking the bank.

Restaurants Price in Malaysia Price in Singapore
Bornga Korean Restaurant Woo Samgyup: RM44.52/~S$12.70 S$28++
Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao: RM13.20/~S$3.70 for six pieces S$7.80++
Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant Hokkaido Fish Fillet Curry Rice: RM16.90/~S$5.50++ S$10.50++
Secret Recipe Spicy Chicken Cornish: RM10/~S$2.90 S$6.90++
PappaRich Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken: RM14.90/~S$4.30 S$10.90++
Seoul Garden Weekday Lunch Buffet: RM38/~S$10.90 S$21.99++

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Bonus: Activities & Services Cheaper in JB Than in SG

We’ve added an extra category because there are more things to do than shopping!

Manicure, Pedicure, Eye Lashes, Haircuts, and Facial

If you’re all into self-care, you can pamper yourself at a salon!

Thanks to the currency conversion (again), you can easily find nail salons that allow you to do both manicures and pedicures at less than RM100.

Similarly, you can get your eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and facials all at cheaper prices.

And for hair cuts, especially for girls, getting a perm and your hair dyed wouldn’t cost you more than S$200 in JB.


Just recently, I paid a visit to PALO Arcade at Mid Valley Southkey, and each game was about RM2.00 – RM4.00 (S$0.60 – S$1.10)!

In comparison to Time Zone Singapore where you are required to load a minimum of S$10, with each game pricing at about S$2, arcades in JB are considerably cheaper.

Car Wash

In JB, you can get a comprehensive car wash package, complete with a snow wash, polish, wax, water-repellent coating, dash box wax, and more for approximately ~RM50 (~S$14.30).

Also, car wash services are aplenty in JB, so drop by to ask for prices before committing your money and time!


Yup, getting your teeth cleaned, putting on braces, or even constructing new dentures are also something that Singaporeans do in JB.

For the uninitiated, without a CHAS card in Singapore, you can expect to spend between S$80 and S$100 just on polishing at a private dental clinic. Getting braces can also easily cost you somewhere from S$3,500 to S$5,000 depending on your condition.

However, a dental crown in JB costs around RM800 (S$253~) compared to S$600 in Singapore, while braces cost RM2,500 to RM3,000 (S$792~ to S$950~).


This needs no introduction. Popping by a massage spa is something you MUST do in JB.

You only have yourself to thank for when you get that RM105 (~S$30) full body 60-minute oil massage done instead of spending S$55 for the same service.


Lastly, if you’re bored and have nothing to do in the middle of the night, why not catch a movie?

A weekend ticket in Singapore would’ve cost you about $13 – $15 per person, whereas a movie ticket in JB would’ve cost you about RM 11 – RM 38 (S$3.10 – S$10.90).

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Are You Going JB Anytime Soon?

After reading the list, is your heart racing with excitement now?

Because I am, and I just came back but I want to go in again.

If you want to avoid the long queue over the weekend, check out if the KTM train tickets are still available so that you can arrive quickly!

Do remember to use a multi-currency card that allows you to reap the best currency rates too.

What are your must-haves when you’re in JB? Share them with us in the Community!

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