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Huat Pals Google Pay 2022: How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Huat Pals BaoBao

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Google Pay Huat Pals is back.

This Chinese New Year, Google Pay is ushering in the Year of the Tiger with the return of its popular social game, Huat pals.

Back for its second run from today (25 January 2022) till 15 February 2022, Huat pals is introducing five new characters, along with last year’s crowd favourite, BB Loh, to bring users another round of fun and excitement with more rewards and prizes.

The crowd favourite is an understatement.

Source: Author | Lord Of The Rings Series

I’m ashamed to say that, like Gollum in The Lord of The Rings Series, I was hooked on finding my preciousss BB Loh.

But sadly, I didn’t manage to get it.

This year is going to be different.

TL;DR: Google Pay Huat Pals 2022 Guide — Plus Tips on How To Get Huat Pals BB Loh

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Google; we are just informing you about the game, and hopefully, this guide will help you win some cash and prizes.

How To Play Google Pay Huat Pals (2022)

Similar to last year’s game mechanics, users need to help the main character Tiggy (far left) find and reunite with five unique characters (or Huat pals) by performing tasks on the Google Pay mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Huat Pals Names (2022)

Source: Google 

If you were wondering, here are the names of the Huat pals (from left to right):

  • BB Loh: The Little Lohei
  • Mala: The Fiery Steamboat
  • Ah Lai: The Pineapple Softie
  • Reddy: The Festive Decor
  • BaoBao: The Lucky Panda.

Google Pay Huat Pals Prizes (2022): Win up to $88 and Merchant Vouchers Like a Fairprice Online Voucher, Foodpanda Voucher and More

To win the game, you will have to collect all five Huat pals in the game by 15 February 2022, 11.59pm SGT.

After collecting all the Huat pals you will be given one grand hamper containing:

  • An Ang Bao worth up to $88.88
  • One exclusive partner voucher from the likes of FairPrice Online, Flash Coffee, foodpanda and Shopee.
Source: Google

Note that each user is entitled to only one grand hamper after collecting the entire set of five Huat pals.

But, you still can continue collecting, gifting and requesting Huat pals after you have collected your set to help your friends.

How to Get Google Pay Huat Pals (2022)

The game’s mechanics are simple.

From today (25 January 2022) till 15 February 2022, Google Pay users can complete these tasks to collect Huat pals.

Source: Google

Huat Pals Daily Tasks (Maximum of 5 Times a Day)

Players can collect the characters each time they complete the following tasks on Google Pay – up to a maximum of five times a day:

  • Making eligible transactions above $5 to merchants daily on Google Pay. The types of transactions include:
    • Tap & Pay (with an Android device)
    • Scan and Pay (via FavePay QR, PayNow SGQR, or a UEN). PayNow QR transactions include:
      • Using PayNow QR code at physical merchants for payments
      • e-Wallet top-ups like YouTrip QR
      • Topping up your Central Provident Fund (CPF) using PayNow QR
        • Take note that you can only do this ONCE at a time — do not scan the QR code created for one top up multiple times
    • Purchase movie tickets via the Google Pay app
    • Order food via the Google Pay app
  • Referring new users to Google Pay — for a successful referral, new users must make their first qualifying payment of $10 and above
  • Gifting Huat pals to friends.

How to Earn Bonus Huat Pals (One-Off)

On top of that, users can score bonus Huat pals when they achieve the following milestones:

  • Make five FavePay transactions (min. $5 per transaction) to get one bonus pal
  • Make five PayNow transactions (min. $5 per transaction) to get one bonus pal. PayNow transactions include:
  • Make the first Tap & Pay transaction of $5 and more (Android mobile users only) to get 1 bonus pal
  • Make a Dine-In order on the Google Pay app, coming soon to the game with participating restaurants including:
    • 4Fingers Crispy Chicken
    • Ajumma’s
    • Marutama Ramen
    • Angelina Paris
    • Group Therapy Coffee
    • Orange & Teal
    • The Brewing Ground.

How To Get Huat Pals BaoBao: Tips To Increase Your Chances and Hacks to Complete Tasks

So here’s the thing.

Remember how I mentioned that I wasn’t able to get BB Loh last year:

Source: Author via Google Pay

Well, the meta has changed.

This year’s BB Loh has been replaced by a panda.

Source: Google

BaoBao to be exact:

Source: Google

But note that even if you complete all the one-off and daily tasks religiously until the end of the game campaign, you might not get the whole set of 5 Huat pals if RNGesus does not like you.

FYI: According to Urban Dictionary, RNGesus is the deity responsible for situations primarily determined by luck, chance, or randomness in online games. The term is derived from RNG, which means random number generator.

If you are undeterred. Here are some easy ways to do the Huat pals tasks.

Huat Pals Telegram Group: Gifting Pals Task

The first daily task is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Source: Pitch Meeting | Tenor

To gift 5 Huat pals to friends every day, simply head over to this unofficial Huat pals Telegram channel, where you can give Huat pals to those requesting them. No need to bother your friends.

Remember to reciprocate and request for Huat pals in the chat too, because I’ve been mainly seeing links of people requesting Huat pals.

This will net you five pals a day easily.

Huat Pals Referral

Okay, this will be a bit tough as almost everyone I know has Google Pay.

But if you know someone who hasn’t signed up for Google Pay, you can refer them and get a bonus pal.

Note that new users must make their first qualifying payment of $10 and above for a successful referral.

This can net you up to five pals a day.

Huat Pals Gift Basket

As players continue to unlock Huat pals, they may also earn attractive vouchers from 18 participating merchants, including IRVINS, Klook, Shaw Theatres, Sephora and TADA.

One of the ways to earn these vouchers is through the Gift Baskets, which they will receive when they find characters Mala or BB Loh. Players can share these Gift Baskets among their friends and family to collect a random gift, including vouchers, cashback scratch cards, and other Huat pals to add to their collection.

Source: Google


A new giveaway in the Gift Baskets this year are limited edition merchandise, such as BB Loh Enamel Pins, Google Pay x Shopee Tote Bags, exclusive red packets and stickers that allow players to literally bring home their favourite Huat pals.

Source: Google

Also, to raise your chances of getting BaoBao, you will have to swap baskets with other players.

The best way to do it would be to find a trusted group of five friends (including yourself) to share the gift baskets you get in a Google Pay split payment group. This method ensures that each person in the group will get five pals.

For this to work, you will have to claim a Huat pal from your own gift basket too.

What Not to Do: Buying Huat Pals on Carousell

From what I saw last year, many enterprising people were selling BB Loh on Carousell.

Source: Nick_86 | Carousell

I’m sure that people will be selling BaoBao this year too.

It’s really a gamble as the Ang Bao you get is only worth up to $88. This means you can get a whole lot less than what you paid for.

Not to mention the scammers out there.

Stay safe, everyone!


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